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The Panforte of Montevarchi opened


A genuine and original recipe passed down in the pastry family for three generations; the exemplification of the tradition of the Bonci Brothers follows and refreshes the typical flavors of the city where it was born and developed.Panforte di Montevarchi comes from a careful selection of unique spices, recalling the ancient medieval flavors of Tuscany. A sweet coming from a noble past, characterizing the identity built over the centuries of a town that originally wanted to be owned by Florence, Arezzo and Siena because of it's strategic position of merchant crossroads. An exclusive recipe, an inimitable flavor determined by a pastry art that found its roots in the heritage of father to son.
The Panpepato opened


An ancient dessert and strong in flavor, originally arrived in Italy from the Far East through those caravans that carried spices around the middle of the 5th century, and later enriched by the local flavors of almonds, nuts, and different flavorings.

It became a traditional sweet, made inside monasteries and convents, and sought after by ladies and knights.What was called the "peppery bread" in the era of the Medici's, was thought to be energy-worthy during times of war to give strength, while at the same time an aphrodisiac. The Bonci Panpepato recipe comes directly from the Medici family: wrapped in honey, stuffed with a dark chocolate coat decorated with pink peppercorns, almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, figs and "spicy" spices. A fusion that is able to travel over time to anyone who is lucky to taste a slice: a triumph of flavors at the Court of Taste.
The Pan del Cassero opened


Montevarchi - a historic merchant crossroad between Arezzo and Florence - passed under the Florentine jurisdiction in 1273, thus becoming a major commercial center of commerce. Within an elliptical urban layout, a wall was built along its border with two main access doors to the city in 1328: Porta Aretina and Porta Fiorentina.

The Cassero was one of the two main control towers, facing toward Florence. This authentic city bastion, it was able to withstand wars and weather, until sadly, it was destroyed in the early 20th century.

Today Cassero, recently restored, is now a prestigious museum of modern Italian sculpture. Impressive and elegant, this authentic Montevarchi totem is now a source of inspiration for a new creation of the Bonci Brothers: the Pan del Cassero.

Formed in the shape of the tower and soaked with liqueurs made from delicious wines. With a distinct sense of identity from the city that gave birth to the Bonci creations, the Pan del Cassero contains the scents of Tuscan spices, the most genuine of fresh butter, and tasty flavors of candied fruit.

A unique flavor well rooted in Tuscan history from the town known as Montevarchi.
The Ricciarelli opened


Legend has it that behind the unique flavor of this traditional biscuit, there is all of the nobility of Knight Ricciardetto of Gherardesca who, returning from the crusades, introduced these sweets from ancient Asia to his castle of Volterra. A soft biscuit delicately enriched by almonds through a slow process which takes days to complete. With the usual attention to the genuineness of the ingredients, the Bonci Brothers are able to revive the original taste of the Ricciarelli, in full respect of its tradition, offering the true taste of pastry art contained in an elegant box.
The Cavallucci opened


This singular biscuit comes from the early 17th century, in a time which established itself as "typical Tuscany." In fact, it was in the days of Lorenzo the Magnificent, that this sweet was consumed by horsemen and travelers living in countryside inns. The fragrances and aromas that remain in the Cavallucci bring its consumer back in time to an ancient era. Dried fruit, candied fruits, spices, and honey, work well together to give flavors that suit the festivities of Christmas, while also making them enjoyable throughout the year. Prepared according to the traditional recipe for the genuineness of the product, the Bonci Brothers' Cavallucci is kept inside an elegant box.

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