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Our Ricciarelli cookies are just one example, made from an intense and creamy mixture, starting with almonds delicately blanched in a slow and time-consuming process, allowing no short cuts. Only this way can Bonci offer the true taste of the art of pastry making.

Ancient flavors that Bonci has revived with full respect for tradition

DICHIARAZIONE NUTRIZIONALE / NUTRITION DECLARATION Per / for 100 g Energia / Energy kj/kcal 1941 / 463 Grassi / Fat 20.9 g di cui/of which Acidi grassi Saturi / Satures 2.1 g Acidi grassi Monoinsaturi / mono – unsaturates 18.8 g Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 58.1 g Di cui /of which Zuccheri / Sugar 55.4 g Fibre /Fibre 3.8 g Proteine / Proteins 10.6 g Sale / Salt -

Ingredients: sweet almonds 80%, sugar, egg white, honey, candied orange mash, natural flavours. Raising agent: ammonium bicarbonate. Covering: icing sugar, corn starch. Produced in laboratories that use: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, milk powder, milk proteins, soy lecithin Produced without preserving and colouring