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Spalmabili 150gr - Hazelnuts

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Made in two different versions, with hazelnuts and cocoa will surprise for originality of taste and pleasantness of a unique flavor!

The spreads Mezzasoma, are obtained by mixing selected ingredients, with no added artificial preservatives. Hazelnuts spread

Ingredients: hazelnut paste* 52%, sugar, cocoa powder*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavour, vanilla*. * ORGANIC Produced in laboratories that use wheat flour, hazelnuts, sesame, peanuts, walnuts,almonds, pistachios, milk powder, milk proteins, lecithin and soy. The oil surface is a sign of genuinity and disappears by mixing. Peso netto 150g Net wt 5.30 oz.

DICHIARAZIONE NUTRIZIONALE / NUTRITION DECLARATION per 100gr Calorie / Calories 579k.cal-2411kj; Grassi / Fat 39.1g di cui / of which Saturi / Satured 24.4g; Insaturi / Unsatured 14.7g; Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 49.2g di cui / of which: Zuccheri / Sugar 44.9g; Proteine / Proteins 7.5g; Sale / Salt 0.06g; Fibre / Fibre 4.3g;