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The CAVALLUCCI - 250gr

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This slightly odd-looking cookie offers fragrances and flavors going back to ancient times. In fact, the emblematic Cavallucci of Siena have embodied the Tuscan pastry tradition since the Middle Ages.

Confectionery product leavened baked with dried fruits

Net Weight 250 gr

DICHIARAZIONE NUTRIZIONALE / NUTRITION DECLARATION Per / for 100 g Energia / Energy kj/kcal 1645 / 390 Grassi / Fat 10.1 g di cui/of which Acidi grassi Saturi / Satures 1 g Acidi grassi Monoinsaturi / mono – unsaturates 9.1 g Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 67.5 g Di cui /of which Zuccheri / Sugar 27.6 g Fibre /Fibre 4.7 g Proteine / Proteins 7.5 g Sale / Salt 0,05 g

Ingredients: bread wheat flour, sugar, candied orange peel, walnuts, anise seeds, mixed spices, honey, salt Natural flavouring: vanilla extract,. Raising agent: ammonium bicarbonate. Produced in laboratories that use: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, milk powder, milk proteins, soy lecithin Produced without preserving and colouring.