Cancelling or modifying an order

To cancel or modify and order which has already been sent, please contact ALIAS srl as quickly as possible via email at pasticceriabonci@a2k.it or telephone +39.895.895.08.82 (from mobile only). You will need to quote your order reference so please ensure you have it at hand.  

 Information about order status and shipping

Information about shipping and tracking will be sent to the client at the email address provided when placing the order.  This will allow the client to check the site of the courier/delivery company used to verify the delivery status of their order, and to contact the relative call centre if necessary. 

Copies of documentation  (invoices, delivery notes, etc) and data corrections 

To request copies of documents (invoices, delivery notes etc), or to correct data, the client can contact ALIAS srl via email at pasticceriabonci@a2k.it or by telephone on +39.895.895.08.82 (from mobile only). You will need to indicate which type of document is required, or indicate the number of the document which needs to be corrected, or indicate the number of the document for which you require extra copies, so please have these details at hand.

Product warranty

All products sold by ALIAS srl are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty and 24 month warranty for defects of conformity in accordance with Legislative Decree 24/02.   


Suggestions for the website or encountering problems while browsing?

Contact us at pasticceriabonci@a2k.it

Information about invoices, transfers and payment reversals

Please contact the administrative department at ALIAS srl via email at pasticceriabonci@a2k.it or by telephone on +39.895.895.08.82 (from mobile only). You will need to indicate your order number, document number o invoice number, so please have these details at hand.

Telephone and fax numbers

General Information & Customer Service:

Tel. +39.895.895.08.82 (from mobile only) – Fax + 39 055 982120 – pasticceriabonci@a2k.it




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