il Panbriacone


The new taste for the oldest of holidays is that of Panbriacone. A unique and sought-after combination - fluffy in its consistency, sweet and “strong” in its flavor thanks to its liqueur essence.


Born from an original idea of the Bonci Brothers, Panbriacone becomes the star of any table prepared to amaze guests with a natural-rising cake characterized by its mocking and impertinent name, and, at the same time, by its elegant and refined flavor. The meeting of the Eastern aromas of the Corinthian grape and those of genuine domestic raisin wines is capable of astounding even the most discriminating palate. A recipe full of spirit meant to be enjoyed year round.


Our secrets

One of Leonardo da Vinci's best known aphorisms is "Wisdom is the daughter of experience"

This can certainly be said with regard to our mother dough, which requires constant attention and skill and gives Bonci’s leavened products their incomparable consistency and softness. Moreover, the natural leavening perfectly facilitates our unique final process of liqueur soaking. The mother dough is truly a living organism, constantly in need of care and daily nourishment in order to preserve and reproduce itself for as long as several decades; its completely natural biological cycle requires genuine love and attention!


A leavened product that stays fresh for a long time without the use of preservatives - What’s the catch? There is no catch!

The liqueur soaking preparations produced by Bonci in its own laboratory protect the Panbriacone from external agents while giving it unsurpassed flavors and aromas.


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